Thoughts on Island Mindfulness: How to Use the Transformational Power of Mindfulness to Create an Abundant Life

I am so excited! I wrote about my experiences in Island Mindfulness to inspire the next generation, especially young women. The movement is being manifested and I look forward to a deeper dive through our upcoming teaching tools - webinar, courses and e-books. Thanks to everyone who has read the book and has started the Island Mindfulness journey to create a peaceful and abundant life. Keep sending your thoughts and reviews and I will share them with our community.


Raeesa Hassim


This book came into my pathway via the recommendation of a friend who knows that I love anything that will empower and grow me as a person . The first thing I thought when starting was 'wow the author has led a interesting life. 

The books is set up is an easy flow and the author’s intent is clear. To help the reader identify and implement simple hacks and guides into their life to make it better. By using most of her own life experiences in every chapter to relate and explain the different points that a person should pay attention to, makes the book more personal and authentic.

The beauty and lessons learnt while growing up in Jamaica as a young girl is a thread throughout the book with references being made back to the qualities of its people and the island lifestyle.' Island mindfulness' as the author highlights all over. The goal of the book is simple, help you learn how to become a person who leads a more purposeful life. 

This would be a good book to start your journey into self development. It's a easy read and I would recommend it to anyone who is a beginner and doesn't want to be overwhelmed by bigger more complicated reads.


Lisa Muller

Reading island mindfulness is a great experience as I felt like I was in the comfort of the Author's home on a Sunday Afternoon, learning and living through the adventure and experiences which I have connected with! Many times I have felt the author knew exactly what I was thinking and experiencing but has enlightened me with a new perspective of that very same experience. It is comforting and educational to identify the different spheres in life that play an important role, big or small. I would definitely recommend this book! 5 stars!

Romeo Phekana 

From the beginning of the first chapter you to get to realise and understand the depth of appreciation that the reader has for where she was born. While so many are ashamed from where they come from the reader acknowledges her humble beginnings in Jamaica and draws strength from her roots. This allows us to page with her through different intervals in her life and get to witness what experiences shaped the woman she is today. 

The author has a brilliant skill of linking her poems with the context of each chapter and this technique makes you feel like you know her on a personal level and keeps you engaged as you read.


Her life lessons which she generously shares in her book are precious gems which will not only guide you to have an abundant life but even transform your mental comprehension to become more positive in the face of adversity. To see opportunities where many see obstacles. She reminds us that you don’t have to grow where you were planted and your view of life can be different depending on where you are standing.

An overriding theme throughout the book is that of personal development. That if you want to have a fulfilling and joyful life then you need to get to know who you truly are. Our character is shaped by the values and lessons we learnt while growing up and throughout the book we are exposed to the intimacy that the reader has with God and how the reader has based her foundation on the bible.

“Mindfulness allows you to become the person you were before you cared about the opinions of others so much.” We live in a society which always tells us what we should and shouldn’t do but when we carry an attitude of mindfulness and awareness of self we start to realise that our true superpower is in finding ourselves and giving of ourselves to a world which lacks identity. 

We may not control what happens in life but we can control how we respond to it. There are times where we might feel that our peers are progressing and we are just wasting our life, but pause and reflect on your journey. As the reader says “Stop trying to keep up with the Jonesses.”

“You are the president, ceo and keynote speaker of your life.” A profound excerpt which reminds you that your thoughts can manifest and your mindfulness creates an island of abundance for you.

“Everything is Irie.” An exceptionally written book which compels you to crawl into your potential, walk daily with your source and fly into your God given purpose in life.

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Beandra Jantjies 

Island Mindfulness is one of those books that you can reread at different stages of your life. It touches so many different topics and opens your  views and perspectives in a broader spectrum.

I base many of my decisions, on self love and how they will affect me and the people around me. The author so beautifully speaks about self love, caring and doing good deeds for others and how we are all universally connected.. This book truly resonates with my soul.

Definitely worth the read! 


Book Review IMG-20200717-WA0016.jpg

As I read the book from the beginning, how the author narrated her up bringing and how small her home was with so many siblings and how her parents would give a home to anyone who needed it, I instantly knew that I would relate to this book. I loved how she used her travel experience to acknowledge life’s lessons. Self acceptance. Self love

Taking control of your own boat, taking charge of your life and also realizing how your experience can be used as a life lesson..

I loved how the author began by spotting all the negatives of life and all the trials one faces. Followed by how she then acknowledged herself for her self resilience and self efficacy. Hanging on against all odds. I then acknowledged how she then acknowledged her parents and how them being open and willing to give even they didn’t have much, played a big role in her decision making and acknowledged the simple things in life.

Basically, it was an easy read. Straight to the point.

I could relate to everything

It was easy to understand

It wasn’t written to trick

No difficult jargon was used

Very well written

Very well structured