Do you want to live an abundant, purposeful life?

Are you struggling to find peace in an often-frantic world?

If you have been looking for a self-empowerment book that teaches you to be mindful of each moment, this is it!

In Island Mindfulness, author Janet Autherine ties the life lessons that she learned growing up in Jamaica with her journey into adulthood as an immigrant in the United States. While readers will learn to practice mindfulness in all areas of their lives, this book also offers insights and actionable tips to:
* Start and end the day with good energy
* Nourish your mind, body and soul
* Stop feeling overwhelmed and create a path for transformation
* Adjust to major life changes without stress
* Stay strong and centered in the face of racism
* Create abundance in your relationships - love, marriage and friendships
* Get unstuck by following your inner compass
* Avoid negative thoughts and negative influences and practice self-care.

In the spirit of the islands, Island Mindfulness invites you to travel light and join us on the peaceful path to an abundant life.

Island Mindfulness is a gift of peace, and a treasure box of life lessons.

- M. Mitchell

If there is ever a time to aspire to greater mindfulness, it’s NOW!.

- Dawn DeLavallade, author of She Makes More

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